Lopez-led power projects cleared for grid impact study

Six of the 10 power projects endorsed for system impact study belong to Lopez-led Energy Development Corp.

The applications of 10 companies were endorsed to the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines for the conduct of a study to determine the impact of the respective projects on the power grid.

The projects include Upgrade Energy Philippines Cabangan Solar Project, with a capacity of 56.77 megawatts (MW) in Zambales and EDC’s 996 MW Iloilo-Guimaras offshore wind power project in offshore of Iloilo, Negros Occidental, and Guimaras; and onshore of Iloilo.

Also approved were EDC’s 100 MW Guimaras onshore wind power project in Buenavista, San Lorenzo, Sibunag, and New Valencia, Guimaras, Orion Pacific Prime Energy’s 1,200 MW combined-cycle power plant in Quezon.

DOE also endorsed EDC’s 768 MW Guimaras-Negros Occidental offshore wind power project and EDC’s 582 MW Guimaras 1 offshore wind power project located offshore and onshore of Guimaras.

Other projects include Barracuda Energy Corp.’s 650 MW Bugallon solar facility in Pangasinan, Iloilo 1 Renewable Energy Corp.’s 54 MW wind farm in Batad and San Dionisio, EDC’s 90 MW Pasuquin power facility in Ilocos Norte and EDC’s 144 MW Ilocos Norte Wind power farm.

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