Mang Inasal trends on Twitter because of ENYPHEN’s Heesung

Mang Inasal trended on Twitter for an unexpected reason.

The beloved Philippine fastfood brand whose claim to fame is not only its Inasal chicken but also its unlimited rice option, became a trending topic on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform because Kpop idol Heesung of ENYPHEN’s choice of baseball cap.

The idol was spotted in Gimpo airport sporting a green baseball cap with a yellow rectangular logo, which from a distance, looked similar to the Mang Inasal logo.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually a KODAK logo but fans ran with the idea because so many Pinoy ENGENEs (ENYPHEN fandom) thought the same thing.

They also added comparison images to support their position.

Now that it’s been established that Heesung looks great in Mang Inasal colors, could it be possible that an endorsement deal will materialize in the future?

We have a feeling that it will boost Mang Inasal sales.

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