Kulang sa bantay: Araneta Coliseum sorry over ‘unauthorized’ passage of GA ticket holders through dingy area

The bilyonaryo Araneta-Roxas clan has apologized for the “unauthorized” passage of general admission ticket holders through a dark and dusty area in Araneta Coliseum during events.

Several netizens have complained about passing through what could be described as informal wooden rooms set up in some parts of the GA entry areas, as they’re dusty and humid.

“The management understands the concern raised on social media about access to the General Admission part of the Big Dome. And we apologize for any inconvenience caused,” the Araneta Coliseum said in an official statement.

“The area in question is not open to the public, and not an exit. The individuals who entered the prohibited area were unauthorized,” it added.

The coliseum management has vowed to increase visible signs and personnel in the area to guide people towards the proper entry and exit points.