Diver calls out Lapids’ Pacifico Azul resort in Batangas for delaying payment of medical bills

A resort in Mabini, Batangas is under fire for its refusal to cover the medical bills of a client who got injured while diving within its premises.

Pacifico Azul Dive Resort, owned by Jess Lapid, a relative of Senator Lito Lapid, has reportedly refused to settle the medical fees of CJ Delos Reyes, whose foot got injured in their designated diving spot.

Delos Reyes posted the harrowing account on Facebook, showing her left foot with 16 stitches after getting wounded by a rusty shovel within the resort’s premises.

“They promised to shoulder the medical bills which amounted to Php 20,000++. I had to miss work for a week. I had to use crutches for almost two weeks upon returning to work,” she wrote.

“This happened last October 1 and it has been three months since. I have not regained full function of my foot. Until now, they continue to avoid taking full responsibility by not responding timely and consistently and not fulfilling what they promised,” Delos Reyes added.

The resort denied avoiding responsibilities, but did not provide a response as to when it will settle its dues.

“Shovel was found underwater. We, the resort, are continuously doing clean up drive as much as we can to extend assistance to LGU in maintaining the coast as safe as possible especially after typhoons,” the resort said in lieu of writing a proper apology.