Cynthia Villar says she can live without onions: This was Twitter’s savage response

Senator Cynthia Villar’s recent statement about onion smuggling has earned the ire of netizens on Twitter anew.

Villar, the chair of the Senate Agriculture and Food committee and the wife of the richest Filipino billionaire Manny Villar, was once again slammed by Twitterverse when she said that imported onions should be cleared before they are released in reaction to the issue of smuggled agricultural goods.

However, it was not this comment, but her follow up that got netizens riled up. She said that she could live without onions, which many believed was an out-of-touch response to the soaring prices of onion in the market and the shortage of the product.

Others chose to be witty.

While others called out the senator for being selfish, seeing as she is not affected by inflation because of her billionaire status.

There were also those that called out the Villar family for converting potential farmlands into subdivisions to amass wealth.

Another netizen recalled that the Senator suggested the planting of root crops as an alternative to rice when problems with typhoons endangered the rice fields.

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