Para ‘di maging kamote driver! MBC exec wants traffic violations included in employees’ records

Business leader Peter Perfecto is fed up with the chaotic state or Metro Manila traffic, saying corporations should contribute to whipping motorists into shape through a carrot-and-stick approach.

In his Inquirer column for the Makati Business Club, the Phinma executive posed a challenge to fellow corporate executives.

“Can’t you play a role in instilling discipline among all your employees to drive safely? Can’t you penalize your employees if proven to be reckless drivers?,” he said.

“Aside from awareness raising, make traffic violations also a black mark on their performance records. Tie up with the traffic enforcement agencies so that such bad behavior on our streets can be monitored,” Perfecto added.

His proposal applies to those travelling in four and two wheels and even by foot.

“Even commuting employees need to be reminded to use pedestrian lanes, as well as overpasses and underpasses,” he proposed. “Aside from penalizing, reward those with clean records and those who help the advocacy for a return to order in our streets.”

“I cannot fathom why we, as a people, are willing to live with such madness on our streets. This becomes even more perplexing because we know that our kababayan abroad do follow traffic rules and do appreciate the order and safety of enforced traffic discipline,” he added, lamenting how traffic rules appear “optional” rather than mandatory to drivers.

Local government units have an equally important role to play, too.

“The fact that Filipino drivers can and do follow rules when driving abroad simply shows that enforcement can cure them of their driving beast modes. Violators have to be apprehended, en masse if needed! And traffic discipline programs must be sustained,” Perfecto pointed out.

The MBC, alongside other business organizations, has also been pushing for a bus rapid transit system to improve commuting conditions.

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