Lovers in Paris: Rachel Carrasco flaunts new status as Victor Consunji’s girlfriend

It seems bilyonaryo heir Victor Consunji is now open about his extramarital relationship with businesswoman Rachel Carrasco despite still being legally married to former model Maggie Wilson.

Carrasco shared a photo on Instagram of her and Consunji vacationing in Paris, France. They posed with the beautiful Pont des Arts bridge and the Seine River in the background.

The French caption of Carrasco’s post translates to “you and I.”

The son of bilyonaryo Isidro Consunji filed adultery charges against Wilson earlier this year over her alleged affair with Thai-British businessman Tim Connor.

Carrasco also sued Wilson for posting about her and how she had been “living her best life” inside Consunji and Wilson’s conjugal home even prior to their annulment or separation being finalized.

With Wilson openly flaunting her closeness to Connor on social media, perhaps Consunji thought it’s time he flexed his romantic relationship with Carrasco as well.