Joanna Preysler Francisco pays tribute to the legacy and art of Betsy Westendorp

A legend has passed away.

Joanna Preysler Francisco made sure to pay tribute to the life and legacy of—in her words—“one of our greatest Filipino artists, Betsy Westendorp.

Westendorp passed away last November 24 and she left behind a body of work that artists and enthusiasts would forever look up to.

“Ms. Westendorp had multi-faceted bodies of work that evolved thru time, yet remained consistent with the DNA of the artist herself,” Joanna wrote.

“One look into Ms. Westendorp’s soulful eyes would give you a glimpse of her journeys thru Madrid by night; her views on landscapes and seascapes; the passion burning within her frail being as she envisioned the atmosferografia in her mind’s eye,” she continued.

The Provenance Art Gallery, which Joanna and husband Raul own, was home to many of Ms Westendorp’s works.