Another VIP perk? PAL lets celebrity cut check-in, immigration line

The Lucio Tan-owned Philippine Airlines got called out by fashion vlogger Camille Co for supposedly allowing a male celebrity to cut the check-in and immigration counters for an overseas flight.

Co claimed that PAL employees even assisted the celebrity and the entourage “every step of the way,” much to the annoyance of other passengers.

“I wonder why PAL thinks a celebrity and his entire entourage have the right to cut lines and be assisted, every step of the way, even at immigration,” Co said in a now-viral tweet.

The fashion vlogger said helping a celebrity get through immigration counters is way too much, especially if other passengers had to wait and fall in line.

Netizens were equally irked at quality of service of the Tan-owned airline.

“VIP service does not cover priority lines at immigration, that’s not owned by PAL,” one said.

“I’ve flown plenty of business class flights and is an elite member of PAL, fast track doesn’t entail cutting lines at immigration,” Co responded, referring to the airline’s paid service. “In some airports, you get a special lane for you but you don’t cut people already in line.’

Netizens wanted the celebrity “blind item” to be unveiled, but Co refused. The vlogger said PAL already reached out.

“This is not about the celebrity. It’s about how PAL’s staff initiated, encouraged and allowed for the rules to be broken,” she added.