Abba Napa shares how Manam and 8 Cuts came to be

The Moment Group has turned ten.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Abba Napa shared the early days of Manam and 8Cuts that propelled the Moment Group to success.

It was quite a journey to get people to discover Manam’s now famous sisig or watermelon sinigang which has put a twist on classic Pinoy meals.

“…people did finally get around to trying that sisig and that watermelon sinigang and soon Manams dotted the metropolis and each had its own lines of people waiting for a table, every day of the week,” Abba wrote.

She also shared how the two restaurants had to change their names because of trademark issues.

“this left us pretty frazzled. but this was also the time that we discovered that more important than any great name and any buzz generated, is the quality of product, the style of hospitality you bring to the table and the amazing teams that bring these brands to life on the floor day in and day out. ,” Abba shared.

Manam will open its doors in three new neighborhoods and 8Cuts will continue to expand its delivery radius in 2023, according to Abba.