Funds drying up? Crazy rich bilyonaryo falls behind on paying Forbes mansion’s rent, monthly dues on luxury cars

For years, lavish spending bilyonaryo (LSB) has been flexing his wealth by living a flamboyant lifestyle.

From posting jaw-dropping blings on social media to surrounding himself with a phalanx of bodyguards and hosting exclusive parties for influential personalities, LSB makes sure he exudes wealth wherever he goes.

But whispers about LSB’s true financial status have been spreading like wildfire among the country’s three-comma club members.

A Babbler revealed that for months, LSB has been unable to pay the rent on his Forbes Park home where he sometimes hosts his fabulous shindigs. LSB has so far ignored messages from his Forbes Park landlord, a friend and ultra bilyonaryo, who’s intolerant of tenants falling behind on their rent payments.

The Babbler said LSB has also been delayed in settling the monthly dues on his super luxury cars, resulting in sleepless nights for the local dealer, a young bilyonaryo.

Some observers believe LSB is just going through a rough patch and that he can still get over his cashflow problems.

Other spectators, however, feel it’s just a matter of time before LSB gets kicked out of his Forbes Park crib and he is forced to bid goodbye to his luxury rides.

“His family made a pile from government deals decades ago and he has been spending it like Elon Musk ever since. The problem is he has no Elon Musk business or income. So the well has probably gone dry by now,” Babbler said.