Angie Mead King wonders: Are confidential funds audited?

Hotelier Angelina Mead King wants to know whether the multibillion-peso confidential funds allotted to some government offices are audited.

The owner of the Victoria Court chain, which has since been rebranded as Ava Hotels, posed a question on social media at the height of Senate deliberations for the 2023 budget.

“Confidential funds?? Can that be audited?,” King said in a tweet.

The Senate recently approved the P8.96-billion budget for the office of President Bongbong Marcos for 2023, P4.5 billion of which are confidential and intelligence funds with no spending breakdowns provided.

Netizens helped her out by replying that while the Commission on Audit indeed reviews such spending, the audit reports are also kept confidential by the agency.