Wala palang permit! Baguio shuts down newly built Igorot Stone Kingdom

Tourists heading to Baguio City have one less destination to visit after local authorities closed down the newly-built Igorot Stone Kingdom.

The man-made park and castle in the Pinsao Proper area opened to guests in 2021 but was shut down just a year later upon the orders of Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

He said the attraction lacked the necessary safety permits from the city hall and posed “very high” risk of a landslide, while structural stability is uncertain.

The land where it stood has also been identified as “prone to erosion” by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Magalong added. Baguio’s City Buildings and Architecture Office have also sued the owners of the Stone Kingdom for violating the National Building Code.

The Igorot Stone Kingdom charges P100 per visitor.