Golf Tip of the Week: Up, Down or Around

By Adrian Flores

Every now and then, a golfer finds himself in trouble because his ball is stuck behind a tree.

The key in that situation is not to panic, explains Bong Lopez, the former national women’s team coach.

“Try to be calm and study the situation well, even if one thinks it is impossible to hit,” said Lopez, adding: “there are four options one can consider.”

The first one is to hit a low shot. “Start with the proper setup. Position the ball inside of your right foot, stand taller and closer to the ball. For the swing, For the swing, feel as if you are covering the ball with your chest and right shoulder as you rotate through your downswing. Lastly, don’t swing too hard (70-80% should be enough).”

The second option is to hit it high. “To hit over the tree, put the ball position near the left heel on the stance and put more weight on my right foot at set-up. This will cause the right shoulder to lower significantly to allow me to swing up through the shot. Start my backswing a bit inside to shallow the club, which allows me to hit up on the ball on impact to instantly get the ball up in the air.”

The third is to hit a fade. “To hit the fade around the tree, create an outside in motion, meaning the club is hitting the ball as the club is moving let through impact. To do this,l set-up with the clubface aimed at the target while the body is aimed left where one wants the ball to start.”

The last option is to hit a draw. ”To hook the ball around the tree and get to the target, set-up is crucial. Drop my right foot back to get my body aimed right of my target then wing the club along the bodyline, which will be inside relative to the target line. The severance of the hook depends on how much I rotate my forearms through impact.”

In conclusion, Lopez said: “Here are four ways to get you out of this lie. if one has the skills to pull them off, go ahead and pick one, visualize, commit and execute! But, don’t forget that there is option #5, which is to take your medicine, PLAY OUT! and minimize the mistakes.

Time Cargo, E-Sparta co leaders in Am-A

Baguio—Time Cargo Logistics Team-2 and E-Sparta paraded a mix of young and veteran stars that worked perfectly as they ended up as joint leaders in Am-A on opening day of the 72nd Fil-Am Men’s Invitational regular tournament at the Baguio Country Club.