Pumayag kaya mga Cong? Maine Mendoza’s BF wants to exempt all gov’t officials, employees from bank deposit secrecy

A bill filed by a neophyte lawmaker and actor at the House of Representatives seeks to exempt all government employees, officials, and politikos from the decades-old bank secrecy law.

House Bill 4060 filed by Quezon City Rep. Arjo Atayde wants to lift the protection given by the secrecy of bank deposits to public workers as a safeguard against corruption.

“As public office is a public trust, it must not be used for self-aggrandizement or for acquiring wealth by the person holding it,” the bill read.

Currently, all deposits are treated confidential unless the depositor signs a waiver of his rights or a court orders bank records to be opened for a legitimate investigation.

“This bill seeks to exclude all government officials and employees, regardless of the nature of their office, from the coverage of the Bank Secrecy Law so that law enforcement authorities will be equipped with the tools needed to investigate and go after crooks in government,” Atayde added.

Efforts to pass a similar measure have not been successful under past Congresses as the lawmakers themselves would be affected by the change in policy. Would this time be any different?

Atayde is the boyfriend of celebrity endorser Maine Mendoza.

Atayde is the son if businessman Art Atayde, business partner of gaming kingpin Atong Ang.