Free at last: Marcos to lift indoor face mask mandate

More than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is set to issue an executive order that will make wearing of face mask indoors optional.

Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco said the lifting of the indoor face mask mandate was discussed during the Cabinet meeting Tuesday (October 25).

“Mask-wearing would also be highly encouraged for unvaccinated individuals, persons with comorbidities as well as senior citizens,” Frasco said.

The move is also meant to boost tourism, which is seen to attract more foreigners in considering a visit to the Philippines.

“Generally, the direction of the Marcos administration is to lift the remainder of travel restrictions into the Philippines, and that includes easing of our mask mandates to allow our country to be at par with our ASEAN neighbors who have long liberalized their mask mandates,” Frasco added.