Assunta Ledesma celebrates Fiore’s 2nd birthday with an under the sea party

And just like that, she’s two years old!

It has been two years since Assunta de Rossi gave birth to her first ever child after years of trying with husband Jules Ledesma. Even though it’s been quite a while, Assunta shared in an Instagram post that she still finds herself asking, “Did I make this? Is she really mine?”

“Happy 2nd birthday to the light of our lives. 🌸,” Assunta wrote. Of course, there was an intimate birthday celebration for birthday girl Fiore.

Her setup, prepared by Party Station Philippines, brought her to the underwater world where there are seashells, octopus, mermaids, etc. And Fiore wore the cutest dress from Eu de Enzore.

Then there was a complete family photo with Jules and Fiore’s older siblings Julio and Cristina.

Happy birthday, beautiful little Fiore!