NLEX all set for Undas, issues traffic advisories

With the expected heavy traffic this Undas season, NLEX Corp. of the MVP Group of Companies will be implementing additional traffic management measures from October 28 to November 2.

“We will heighten our operations as we are projecting an increase of around 10 percent in our average daily traffic of 278,000 at NLEX and 71,000 at the SCTEX,” said Luigi Bautista, NLEX president and general manager.

Bautista said NLEX would deploy over 1,000 patrol crews, traffic marshals, security teams, incident response teams, and toll lane personnel to ensure the safety of travelers during the long holiday weekend. Emergency medical services will also be augmented.

As the Candaba Viaduct undergoes repairs, only two lanes on the southbound portion are open for motorists. The leftmost lane is for large trucks or Class 3 vehicles while the rightmost lane is for light vehicles or Class 1.

Due to limited capacity at the said bridge, Class 3 will be restricted at both bounds from November 1, 12 midnight to November 2, 12:00 noon.
Counterflow scheme will be implemented at select locations along the NLEX northbound direction from October 28 to 31 and along the southbound direction from November 1 to November 2.

The NLEX management is encouraging motorists to travel during non-peak hours.