Touch some grass! Groups cry foul over Cynthia Villar’s remark vs farmers

Farmers’organizations slammed bilyonaryo Senator Cynthia Villar’s remark that farmers and fisherfolk don’t know anything about climate change, saying ahe proved yet again how out of touch she is with reality.

Villar claimed during the 2023 budget hearing of the Department of Agriculture that farmers and fisherfolk do not know climate change for them to act upon it.

“Senator Villar should go touch some grass. We face the devastating impacts of the climate crisis on a daily fishing basis. For starters, rising sea levels caused by rising temperatures inundates coastal communities and causes ecological disruption,” fisherfolk group Pamalakaya said in a statement.

Farmers, fishermen know nothing: Cynthia Villar draws flak for climate change remark

“We are the frontline casualties of the ecological disaster that business interests have caused.”

The National Network of Agrarian Reform Advocates (NNARA)-Youth also protested Villar’s “condescending remarks” towards their ranks.

“Your insult carries no weight to our food producers who bear the brunt of climate change on a daily basis – first, because your track record of protecting your family’s economic interests instead of the Filipino people is a known fact, and second, because your belief that farmers and fisherfolks do not comprehend climate change is founded on your willful ignorance of social realities,” the group added.

“Farmers and fisherfolks surely understand the climate disaster that ruling elites such as the Villars have caused,” it said. “They experience the worst droughts and strongest typhoons, while Cynthia Villar sits pretty in her air-conditioned room, contemplating on which agricultural land she will steal and convert next.”