Photoshop fail? Netizens find Liza Marcos’ pic with Chinese envoy weird. Here’s why

Was First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos edited into a photo to make it look like she’s dining with Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian?

Some netizens believe that the First Lady was “photoshopped” into a photo posted on her official Facebook page due to certain details.

They say the First Lady had different lighting compared to the three others with her, and she was looking at a different camera to the right.

Marcos also appeared to be out of scale compared to the items around her like the chair she was sitting on, and her left hand appears to be floating on top of the floral centerpiece and the plates.

Digital artists had a field day dissecting the photo.

“This is so silly. Try better photo editors,” one said.

Was this a case of Photoshop fail or the angles just weren’t right?