Airfares set to get cheaper in November due to lower fuel surcharge

Plane tickets are expected to go down next month as the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has slashed the applicable passenger fuel surcharge level for domestic and international flights.

CAB brought down to Level 8 the applicable fuel surcharge rate for November.

“For September 10 to October 9, 2022 (evaluating period), the price of jet fuel averaged P42.87 per liter, which corresponds to Level 8 of the passenger and cargo fuel surcharge matrix,” CAB said.

This means the fuel surcharge will go down to a range of P253 to P797 per passenger for domestic flights and from P835.05 to P6,208.98 for international flights.

Under Level 9, the allowable increase for fuel surcharge is P287 to P839 for domestic flights and P947.39 to P7,044.27 international flights

CAB said airlines wishing to impose or collect fuel surcharge must file their application on or before the effectivity period, with the fuel surcharge rates not exceeding the approved level.

Airline fuel surcharge is an optional fee collected by airlines to recover fuel costs and stem losses due to upward spikes in fuel costs.

The CAB evaluates every month the applicable fuel surcharge which is based on a one month average of jet fuel MOPS prices in its peso per liter equivalent