MVP to Dennis Uy’s DITO: Stop misleading the public, show good faith and settle your debt!

Telco giant PLDT Inc. asked DITO Tecommunity of Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy to show good faith by settling unpaid contractual obligations amounting to P430 million.

This as PLDT iwelcomed DITO’s recent statement regarding its openness to enter into an amicable settlement with the telco giant of the MVP Group of Companies.

“PLDT welcomes the amicable settlement of accounts by its debtors even if those debtors are PLDT’s competitors,” the country’s largest telco said.

“But DITO must demonstrate its good faith by ceasing its attempts to confuse the issue and to mislead the public by claiming that PLDT’s efforts to collect on DITO’s debt is somehow an anticompetitive activity or interconnection issue that merits some unspecified ‘legal process’ rather than just DITO’s simple payment of its defaulted P430 million debt,” it added.

PLDT said it would be better placed to assess DITO’s claims of a good faith desire to settle its debt if and when PLDT receives DITO’s (thus far non-existent) settlement proposal.

“In the meantime, PLDT reserves all of its legal options, including suspension or termination of services, in case DITO does not remedy its material breach by November 4,” it added.

The amount owed by DITO to PLDT involves contracted services for the building and provisioning of transmission facilities used for the delivery of telecommunication services to subscribers of the Uy-led firm.


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