‘Weak’ na, ‘small’ pa! Maggie Wilson takes swipe at Vic Consunji anew

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson alluded to the manhood of her estranged husband, Vic Consunji, as she gave an update about the legal woes she’s facing.

In an Instagram post, Wilson said: “If you can’t get a woman to bow down to you and crawl then just file tons of cases against her,” alluding to the adultery cases filed against her by Consunji.

Fighting fire with fire: Maggie Wilson hints ‘women and men’ will be dragged in her legal drama with Vic Consunji

“Only weak men fear strong women,” she added, with the hashtag, #small [eggplant emoji] issues.”

Netizens were loving the shade she threw, saying it would likely trigger Consunji.

Change needs to happen: Maggie Wilson wants equality in penalizing adultery

The son of Isidro Consunji has accused Wilson of sleeping with Thai-British businessman Tim Connor, months after the couple announced their separation.

“When your billions can’t buy you a big ,” one comment read.

“Mapipikon nanaman siya sa hashtag lol,” another added.