Globe: iPhone loyalty still strong despite soaring inflation

Apple’s iPhone remains one of the most popular consumer goods in the Philippines despite rising costs.

Globe Telecom said demand for the iconic Apple handset is stronger than ever and is expected to increase further as the holiday season inches closer.

“This is our first iPhone event after pandemic. Surprisingly we surpassed our iPhone 13 launch, Mark Pasaylo, portfolio director for Globe Postpaid, told reporters during the launch of iPhone 14 in the Philippines.

“People lined up to get iPhone 14 with Globe . We want to bring back that excitement, we want to make sure people experience that incredible feeling with us. A big chunk of our postpaid subscriber base is iPhone users.,” he added.

Pasaylo said iPhone 14 is available for GPlan Plus 999 , GPlan Plus 1799 and GPlan Plus 1999 with unlimited access to an app of your choice, and big data.

Prepaid subscribers can also avail through easy payment terms of up to 36 months and with contract period.

Globe currently has over 1.7 million subscribers.