Delayed delivery: Baskin-Robbins branches in PH stuck with mint choco chip ice cream

Fans of Baskin-Robbins in the Philippines would have to wait to sample more flavors or settle for mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The international ice cream store recently trended on social media after a netizen snapped a photo of tubs and tubs of only one ice cream flavor on display.

Facebook user Krisha Bettina first captured the disappointing display in their once-colorful freezers. Instead of the promised wide array of selections, all ice cream tubs were green.

“Grabe inabot ako ilang oras para mamili sa 31 flavors,” the customer said out of frustration.

It turns out that some Baskin-Robbins stores have only been offering their mint chocolate chip flavor as all other stocks have been stuck abroad awaiting shipment. The mint flavor is what in local freezers.