Advance mag-isip! Transport planner lauds Ortigas Group for bike-friendly properties

The Ortigas Group’s move to make its commercial and residential developments accessible to bikes is paying off now that the construction of the Metro Manila subway is in full swing.

A portion of Meralco Avenue in Pasig has been closed until 2028 for the project.

In an interview on One News’ “The Chiefs,” Pasig transportation planning office chief Robert Anthony Siy shared how business has boomed in the Ortigas Group’s developments as more people take up biking.

“One thing I’m really proud of, when we’re working with Ortigas companies, they were actually very forward thinking with us in terms of helping make their developments accessible to people coming by bicycle,” he said.

“I think for the last few years, we’ve actually seen, I believe like a 500% increase in their bicycle parking spaces, which really opened the business and really created a new morning and evening weekend market also in the area,” Siy added.

The transport planning chief said it’s important to create alternative access points to businesses when customers can’t come in using cars.

“We really want to make sure that if it’s difficult to come here by car, we want to make sure that businesses have other ways of attracting customers to their area,” Siy said.

He added that the five-year closure of Meralco Avenue is a source of headache for the local government, motorists, and businesses around the area.

“To be completely honest, it’s a little difficult right now. I would say that right now, we are in the adjustment period of any kind of transport disruption,” Siy said.

While the local government and concerned government agencies made traffic rerouting plans ahead of the road closure, Siy said some puzzled drivers still tried to pass through Meralco Avenue when it was closed on October 3.