AyalaLand Logistics starts data center venture

Ayala Land’s industrial real estate arm is now ready to jumpstart its data center venture in partnership with FLOW Digital Infrastructure.

AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. (ALLHC) said it has entered into an agreement with FLOW to commence the activities of their joint venture partnership signed last May.

ALLHC is bringing its proven track record in industrial real estate development into the partnership, while FLOW is providing best-in-class next-generation data center design, development, and operational capabilities.

The joint venture will embark to deliver the first data center facility in a hyperscale campus, which is designed to provide total IT capacity of 36 megawatts (MW) and expand via modular deployment.

ALLHC said the initial rollout of six MW is targeted to be ready-for-service by the end of 2024.

The company’s expansion in the data center space is in line with its long-term strategy to broaden its portfolio into complementary new economy segments.

“We see long-term strategic value in expanding ALLHC’s product offering and capabilities to meet the rapidly expanding needs of the digital economy,” ALLHC chief operating officer Patrick Avila said.

FLOW was launched in 2021 by PAG, a leading alternative investment firm focused on the Asia Pacific with $50 billion in assets under management, including $2 billion in data center assets.

Its partnership with ALLHC is seen as the latest step in the company’s ongoing Asia-Pacific expansion as a platform providing customized solutions to meet the region’s growing demand for digital infrastructure.

“The Philippines is at a tipping point to embrace the growth of the digital economy, where infrastructure plays a critical role as the foundation of the information and communications technology industry,” FLOW CEO Amandine Wang said.