Big mistake!  Snubbed at  Hermes store in South Korea, Sharon Cuneta splurges  at Louis Vuitton

Who says she can’t afford it?

In a 40-minute vlog, Sharon Cuneta shared her adventures in Seoul that not only included food trips but also a lot of shopping time.

You could see in the video how many Louis Vuitton bags she bought, all huge ones that the staff couldn’t help interviewing her that got Sharon to share that she’s been a movie actress in the Philippines since she was 15 years old.

After leaving the Louis Vuitton store, Sharon walked over Hermes on her way out—apparently, it was sort of a clapback to the doorman who rejected her earlier.

Sharon is an avid Hermes collector so it was a surprise to her viewers that the luxury brand would reject her. But it’s not Sharon’s loss, because at least she got to shop at Louis Vuitton.

Was Sharon just discriminated against or did Hermes have strict rules regarding walk-ins?

Then again, she still came home happy with her LV purchases.