Bakit siya pa? Shopee employees want Toni Gonzaga dropped as endorser

Employees of Shopee Philippines are banding together to force the e-commerce platform to drop Toni Gonzaga as brand ambassador.

In an open letter making the rounds online, Shopee employees said they “vehemently detest and actively oppose” the decision to tap Gonzaga as an endorser.

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“Toni has been a very vocal supporter and endorser of blatantly corrupt, immoral individuals and is an active participant in the historical revisionism of one of the country’s darkest periods. She is a symbol of the transgressions of the Marcoses and having her as one of Shopee’s endorsers aligns the company’s brand with her and everything that she stands for and supports,” the letter read.

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Shopee employees said the decision to hire Gonzaga shows the e-commerce firm “chooses to be political and takes a side in the country’s politics.”

“By choosing her, Shopee ignores the sentiments of Filipinos who are vehemently against the current administration and what it stands for,” they added. “By choosing Toni, Shopee knowingly compromises its standing with the many loyal buyers who are part of the educated middle class.”

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The Shopee employees said hiring Gonzaga as brand ambassador “also shows insensitivity” as it came at the heels of the company’s retrenchment of workers.

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“As employees of this company, we have been working towards building this product which we believed added a positive value to society: a safe and affordable way to transact online, enabling small business owners amidst a tumultuous economy, and accessible financial products for all,” they added. “This decision is one we are not willing to stand behind.”

Despite calls to boycott Shopee and uninstall the app, the e-commerce platform stands by its decision to work with Gonzaga.

“Together with our newest Brand Ambassador, Toni, we are working to deliver entertaining content to drive anticipation leading up to the upcoming 10.10 Brands Festival,” Shopee said in a statement.