New York Times features Filipino who invented banana ketchup

Many countries wonder why Filipinos are so fond of “banana” ketchup when all they’ve ever known is ketchup sourced from tomatoes.

But for Filipinos who have grown up with the flavor, it tastes like home, and it’s all thanks to a woman who looked for an opportunity amid the challenges.

The New York Times recently did an article on Maria Orosa, the woman who invented her own version of ketchup using native ingredients at a time when ketchup was far too expensive to import, and tomatoes won’t thrive in the Philippines’ tropic climate.

Using her skills and ingenuity, she found an innovative and delicious solution so that her countrymen (and the rest of the world) could enjoy the popular condiment in a uniquely Filipino style.

The feature was part of the Overlooked series which focuses on extraordinary men and women whose deaths, beginning 1951, was unreported in the NYT.

Check out the full article to discover the exceptional contributions of Orosa through chemistry and culinary ingenuity.