Iloilo goes green

Realizing the multiple benefits it could reap from renewable energy (RE), the provincial government of Iloilo issued an ordinance that will help it achieve energy self-reliance.

The ordinance mandates the establishment of infrastructure and mechanisms on RE, encourages barangays, municipalities, and cities to identify and allocate possible sites for RE investments, and provides incentives.

To fund the implementation, Iloilo will allocate an amount equivalent to at least 50 percent of one percent of the annual budget or about P21 million based on this year’s budget.

The ordinance will also help Iloilo increase RE use by institutionalizing the development of local climate change adaptation capabilities, and encouraging the development and utilization of RE sources as tools to prevent harmful emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Ahead of the ordinance, Iloilo has long committed to integrate RE policies and projects in the provincial energy development agenda.