Oops! Netizens uninstall Shopee app after tapping a new celebrity endorser

It seems that Twitter users have found another crusade as Shopee became a new trending topic, but perhaps, not for the reasons they wanted.

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Shortly after announcing its downsizing and layoffs, the online shopping platform tried to hype its new ĺendorser for its last quarter sale.

Unfortunately, Shopee received backlash after tapping Toni Gonzaga as its newest brand endorser.

Shoppers expressed their dismay on socĺial media. It can be recalled that Gonzaga also received backlash for supporting the campaign of President Bongbong Marcos during the campaign period.

Apart from the 2òoof the ķ called out the brand for its series of alleged missteps, such as imposing increased transaction fees for sellers, strict “preferred seller” requirements, as well as cu2stomers; inability to choose courier, limited vouchers and delays in the delivery of ShopeeXpress deliveries.

They also called out Shopee for announcing recently that it was downsizing its workforce only to sign a celebrity endorser who allegedly charges talent fee by the millions.

⁰p Facebook, netizens have been posting that they have uninstalled their Shopee accounts en masse with the hashtag #ByeShopee and leaving the reason for their deactivation as the brand ambassador.

While there have been negative feedbacks, there were also those who maintained their support for the platform. We’ll have to see if this affects business in the e-commerce site.