Priority measure: Senate OKs SIM card registration bill

The Senate has approved on third and final reading the bill requiring all mobile users to register their cell phone numbers under their name.

Voting 20-0, the Senate approved the mandatory registration of SIM cards, with users required to give their full name, birth date, and address, and present a government ID during purchase

Stolen SIMs cannot be sold in the market.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the measure in April after bicameral insertions also required the registration of social media accounts, which was not part of the original intent of the proposed law. Will President Bongbong Marcos find this version agreeable?

Putin ally joins tech giant Yandex

A long-time ally of President Vladimir Putin, Alexei Kudrin, said Monday he will be joining Yandex as the Kremlin seeks to tighten its grip on Russia’s top technology giant.

Macron slams Musk for cutting Twitter moderation

French President Emmanuel Macron criticized Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk on Thursday, saying the entrepreneur was wrong to drop the fight against Covid disinformation as he slashes back content moderation on the platform.