Cezar Consing named Ayala group president and CEO in place of ailing Fernando Zobel; Mercedita Nolledo unretires to take board seat

Cezar Consing and Mercedita Nolledo stepped down from their lofty posts in the Bank of the Philippine Islands in 2021 and were looking forward to enjoying their retirement.

More than a year later, both Consing and Nolledo are back in the corporate grind with key posts in the Ayala group.

Consing, who retired as president and CEO of BPI April 2021, has been named as new president and CEO of Ayala Corp. (AC).

Nolledo, who retired as BPI director in May 2021 after 30 years on the board, was named as director of AC. She currently sits on the advisory board of Ayala Land, Inc. and BPI.


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