It needs to be stopped: PLDT, Smart call for intensified efforts versus illegal cable cutting

Telco giant PLDT and its wireless subsidiary Smart Communications are calling for intensified efforts against illegal and intentional cable cutting.

PLDT and Smart have joined forces with other cable and telecommunications providers in the country to embark on a campaign condemning illegal cable cutting.

Regarded as a “disservice to customers,” illegal cable cutting involves perpetrators who intentionally cut cables and wires, and often times sell the stolen cables and wires for profit.

PLDT logged a 422 percent increase in apprehensions related to incidents such as theft involving network equipment.

“This illegal act robs our customers of the steady internet and cable TV service they need for entertainment and access to information and disrupts connectivity required for work,” said a joint manifesto in which PLDT and Smart are signatories.

The industry campaign also involves the deployment of efficient security and patrolling systems and a tighter collaboration with local authorities and government units.

Law enforcement agencies are also urged to implement Republic Act No. 10515 or the Anti-Cable Television and Cable Internet Tapping Act of 2013, which criminalizes intentional cable cutting.

At present, perpetrators of such incidents usually face charges ranging from theft to qualified theft, or malicious mischief, which are all covered by the Revised Penal Code.

Barangays and LGUs are likewise called to encourage their constituents and communities to be vigilant and to immediately report suspected and actual incidents of intentional cable cutting to local officials, local police, and respective service providers.

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