Rica Lopez Tantoco de Jesus enjoys “world’s best butter”

The sweet tooth and foodie that she is, Rica Lopez Tantoco de Jesus always loves trying new food.

Recently in Madrid, she was able to try the butter at Casa Benigna which her friend said is the best butter in the world.

After taking a video of Lars getting a plate of butter and tasting it herself, all Rica could say was, “Yummy!!!!!”

In the video, you can hear that someone thought it was cheese. But it really is butter and that “it’s the most dangerous thing you’ll ever meet.” It’s that delicious. We hope we can taste it someday too!

BRAFE GOLF set to tee off at at Forest Hills

The core group is composed of chairman JR Hernandez, Ting Yupangco, George Elazegui, Bong Africa, Roy Peña, Randy Nonato and BRAFE GOLF founder Albert MG Garcia, owner of the Megafiber brand.