Jessica Kienle Maxwell shares why you should add jump rope to your workout routine

She’s so committed!

Jessica Kienle Maxwell is so proud of her jumping rope journey. For some, it may be simple and easy but for Jessica, it was “4 months of discipline, diligence, countless fails followed by mini victories, endless bruising and a crazy amount of sweat.”

“Never imagined that jump roping would be something I would get into, but well, here we are! As basic as it may seem it has taught me a lot these past few months, but the most important lesson is that it is never too late to pick up something completely new and excel at it,” Jessica shared.

She hopes her little story inspires her Instagram followers to “try that thing you’ve always been curious about (and never thought you’d be good at).”

She encouraged them to challenge themselves, work hard and to not give up easily. “The key is consistency and to just enjoy the process of learning, whatever the pace may be. The hard work will pay off eventually, I promise,” she wrote.

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