Baliwag backpedals on ‘no tattoo’ requirement: We don’t discriminate

Baliwag recently became the target of online censure after it released its employment requirements in its branches.

Netizens took issue with the requirement of not having tattoos claiming this is discriminatory.

They said that having body ink does not affect one’s performance on the job and urged tattooed individuals to boycott the brand.

After receiving criticisms online, the franchise clarified that it had no intention to discriminate against individuals who have tattoos.

“We do not discriminate against anyone regardless of their personal preferences, particularly, in this instance, with regard to having tattoos,” Baliwag said in a statement.

DOE raises RE utilization percentage for on-grid areas

The Department of Energy (DOE) has increased the percentage of the utilization of renewable energy for on-grid areas from one percent to 2.52 percent in line with the administration’s goal of transitioning towards a sustainable and clean energy future.