About time! Philippine citizenship sought for Spanish painter Juvenal Sanso

Daughters of mining businessman Ronnie Zamora are leading the pitch to grant Philippine citizenship to renowned Spanish-born painter Juvenal Sanso.

San Juan Rep. Bel Zamora and her sister, Taguig Rep. Pammy Zamora, have filed a bill to naturalize Sanso, a master painter and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Merit for his works.

Sanso, now 93, lives in San Juan. He describes himself as “Spanish by birth and Filipino at heart” as his family migrated to Manila when he was 5 years old.

He spent some years in Paris, France to take part in art exhibitions before returning to the Philippines in 2008.

Sanso is most known for his vibrant paintings of trees, flowers, and other elements of nature.

“The Philippines was, and will always be, in Sanso’s heart even when he lived abroad,” read the bill which seeks to grant him full Philippine citizenship. “Juvenal Sanso is now a nonagenarian. He maintains his endeavor and commitment to provide scholarships to promising Filipino art students.”