PLDT, Smart doubling efforts to trace and block malicious messages

PLDT and its wireless arm Smart Communications have committed to further bolster their defenses to ensure a safe and secure digital space for its users and customers.

“We are doubling our efforts to trace and block malicious messages, including SIMs and websites linked to fraudulent activities as part of our mission to improve the overall digital experience of all internet users and prevent them from becoming victims of threats and attacks,” PLDT and Smart first vice president and chief information security officer Angel Redoble said.

PLDT and Smart have recognized that the digital space has become a venue for cybercriminals to commit fraud through online and text scams.

To date, PLDT and Smart have already made significant investment in their cybersecurity infrastructure to safeguard the public against potential online criminal activities.

“PLDT and Smart are firm in their commitment to ensuring all internet users can have a productive experience in a safe and secure digital space,” said Stephanie Orlino, head of stakeholder management at PLDT and Smart.

“We are continuously working towards improving the digital tools and solutions we offer so we can protect the public online,” she said.

CyberSmart is one of PLDT and Smart’s core advocacies which aims to educate internet users on cybersecurity and to help them visualize the reality and seriousness of dangers in the cyberworld.

This is part of the PLDT Group’s much broader program to elevate the quality of customer experience by protecting them from threats and attacks online.

Judge says Twitter-Musk trial still on track

The judge presiding over Twitter’s legal battle to hold Elon Musk to his $44-billion buyout deal said Wednesday the case was still on course for trial — despite the billionaire’s apparent U-turn.