Enjoy Tea Time at Diamond Hotel every day

Tea time is not exclusive to the British and the Diamond Hotel’s Lobby Lounge is ready to serve every 2- to 4 pm.

Choose from tea delicacies with a Filipino twist with Tinapang Bangus in Tortilla Wrap, pork longganisa, kesong puti and pulled pork adobo.

There’s also tea with a Chinese fix. Scallops, kutchay dumplings, asado rolls, with ube and rabbit buns.

Check out these other options.

These beautiful and delicious tea sets start at P750. Book your reservations in advance.

DOE raises RE utilization percentage for on-grid areas

The Department of Energy (DOE) has increased the percentage of the utilization of renewable energy for on-grid areas from one percent to 2.52 percent in line with the administration’s goal of transitioning towards a sustainable and clean energy future.