Back for a common cause: 1980s Bataan nuclear plant protesters reunite to block revival

Youth groups from the 1980s who opposed the use of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) have reassembled in September 2022 to block plans to revive the mothballed nuclear reactor.

They are now adults who found a new group of younger environmentalists and science advocates to call upon President Bongbong Marcos to stop any attempt to revive the nuclear plant as a source of power.

The elders revived the group called Network Opposed to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Revival, or NO to BNPP Revival for short.

“If allowed to operate, the BNPP will pose a grave danger to Filipinos, not only those living in Bataan but also those in communities in a far larger radius surrounding the power plant,” Kaliakasan PNE acting national coordinator Jon Bonifacio said.

“Nuclear waste will remain radioactive and dangerous to human health for thousands of years. The BNPP is dangerous, not only to Filipinos alive today but even to future generations,” Bonifacio added.

The group said any attempt to revive the BNPP “should be met with vigilance, especially amid economic and climate crises.”

Marcos said he is open to reviving the Bataan plant if experts assess it’s still fit for use as part of efforts to reduce the price of electricity.

DOE raises RE utilization percentage for on-grid areas

The Department of Energy (DOE) has increased the percentage of the utilization of renewable energy for on-grid areas from one percent to 2.52 percent in line with the administration’s goal of transitioning towards a sustainable and clean energy future.