Curious about what a Game of Thrones meal looks like? These content creators gotchu

In honor of Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, the folks at Good Mythical Morning embarked on a taste test of GoT inspired food worthy of a Targaryen, or a Baratheon, or a Stark.

Hosts Rhett and Link sampled dishes inspired by the show, prepared as per the description of George RR Martin in his Song of Fire and Ice novels.

From Bowl o’ Brown stew, a popular meal at Flea Bottom; medium rare goat, which is a favorite staple or dragons; and the feast from the Red Wedding including stringy beef, jellied calves brain and mashed turnips. These dudes bravely toughened their taste buds and their stomachs to deliver an honest review of the meals.

Lucky for Rhett and Link, they were not ambushed after partaking in the feast. Check out how they fared against the menu.