Jo Koy loves Mary Grace

Fil Am comedian Jo Koy recently visited the country as part of his Funny tour.

And in his show, he couldn’t help but mention that he’s a big fan of Mary Grace, well known for its cheese rolls and ensaymadas.

“Have you guys had Mary Grace? That sh*t’s amazing! I want to promote it. I don’t know why they don’t have it yet in the States. I don’t care if it’s just bread, butter and sugar,” he said addressing a packed audience.

Continuing with his spiel, he said: “I need Mary Grace. Is she a real person? Is it two women? Is she a nurse? I have no idea.”

Even though Jo Koy is full of jokes, he takes his Pinoy pride very seriously. In his previous Netflix special, In his Elements, he promoted Filipino and Asian comedians.

Jo Koy also brought viewers to different parts of the Philippines to showcase the beauty of his birthace.

He also headlined the recent Fipino centered comedy film Easter Sunday produced by no less than Steven Spielberg.

So, is a Mary Grace US franchise in the works? We’ll find out soon enough.