Fighting fire with fire: Maggie Wilson hints ‘women and men’ will be dragged in her legal drama with Vic Consunji

Certain people could find their lives turned upside down as former beauty queen Maggie Wilson prepares to fight the adultery charges filed against her by estranged husband Victor Consunji.

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The next-generation Consunji builder sued Wilson for three counts of adultery, accusing her of sleeping with Thai-British businessman Tim Connor from December 2021 onwards, months after the married couple announced their separation.

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Wilson said she is ready to fight her estranged husband in court, especially after he harassed her by trying to boot her relatives out of her rented DMCI home and filing more criminal raps against her.

“I just finished writing my statement in regards to the adultery charges which will include a substantial amount of exhibits of evidence,” the Miss World Philippines said, with a warning to friends and flings who might get entangled in the case.

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She puts all the blame on Consunji.

“The complainant bringing this to a public court is going to unfortunately make this look even more like a circus than it already is,” Wilson added.

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“Once submitted, this will become a public document. I am sorry to all the women (and men) that this may affect,” Wilson said. “I have tried to keep matters private by trying to resolve things out of the public eye. I would ask for privacy for all parties involved when this is published.”