PAL passengers departing Cebu will have more convenient check-in option starting Sept 5

Philippine Airlines (PAL) passengers departing from Cebu will have a convenient self-service channel for their check-in needs starting tomorrow (September 5).

PAL said travelers departing from Cebu can start using the self-service check-in kiosks positioned at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport departure areas in Terminal 2, the departure point for both PAL domestic and international flights.

PAL said passengers must ensure that they are not carrying any restricted goods before they start the check-in process.

Passengers departing on international flights are still required to stop by the designated check-in counters for printing of boarding passes and verification of travel documents.

At its 787 Dreamliner factory, Boeing prepares for takeoff

As airlines seek to fulfill customers’ growing post-pandemic appetites for long-haul travel, Boeing is aiming to speed up production of its 787 Dreamliners after a period plagued by repeated delivery interruptions due to manufacturing defects.