Second rate, trying hard copycat! Christina Frasco reportedly ruins Toots Ople’s idea via ‘BBM’ promo

A well-intentioned campaign to encourage more foreign tourists to the Philippines has become a subject of ridicule online—and it’s reportedly all the fault of Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco.

Not only was it patterned after former Tourism Secretary Mina Gabor’s “Bring Home a Friend” in the 1990s, the idea to revive the old campaign reportedly came from Frasco’s fellow Cabinet member, Migrant Workers Secretary Susan “Toots” Ople.

According to the Babbler, Ople supposedly sought Frasco’s help in offering travel packages for returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for Christmas, such as special deals with hotels and restaurants.

To Ople’s surprise, Frasco spun the project into her own with a cringeworthy name.

Under the campaign, Filipinos who bring tourists to the Philippines will have a chance to win raffle prizes. They will also be able to enjoy perks through a privilege card.

A Bilyonaryo Babbler claimed that Frasco’s idea of a rewards program for Filipinos who can bring in tourists from abroad upon their invitation is far from novel.

Several netizens pointed out that there appears no other reason behind the campaign’s name other than to use the initials of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (BBM) even if it is forced.

Will Frasco change the campaign before launching it later this year?

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