Mushrooms are the star of this month’s Ramen Nagi limited bowl

It’s the beginning of the month once again and as with every month, Ramen Nagi is rolling out another limited edition ramen flavor for fans to enjoy.

From September 1-30, the ramen specialist offers the Mushroom King, definitely a delight to foodies who love the healthy, flavorful ingredient.

“Sautéed mixed mushrooms with butter, topped with thinly sliced king oyster bedding and egg yolk, itokiri togarashi garnishings, fried kale leaves, onion leeks, and fire sauce to meld with our signature tonkotsu broth infused with special mushroom sauce for an earthy and rich savory taste,” is how Ramen Nagi described the new dish.

You have exactly 30 days to enjoy it while you can. Don’t miss out.