Makati, Philippines, 31 st August 2022 – The International Association of Business Communicators Philippines (IABC PH) launched its first ever Triple ‘P’ Awards during its General Members’ Meeting last August 22.

In collaboration with its technical partner, Deloitte Philippines, IABC PH introduced the Triple ‘P’ Awards for People, Planet, and Progress – a pioneering accolade dedicated to highlighting the importance of communications in achieving sustainability in the environment, social, and governance (ESG).

The awards were launched in congruence with the organization’s general membership meeting, focused on emphasizing the significance of business communication in ESG.

Spearheaded by IABC PH Trustee and Chair of the ESG Committee Melody M. Del Rosario, the awards aim to benchmark sustainability and ESG communication.

“Our role as communicators entails sharing the stories worth telling, particularly to spark conversation on topics that impact the world,” said Del Rosario.

“How companies embrace and embody ESG and sustainability are stories that need to be heard, and we designed the Triple ‘P’ awards to be the ideal avenue for that.”

IABC PH’s Triple ‘P’ Awards is the first ESG awards across all IABC’s chapters around the world.

Deconstructing ESG
As a launching point, IABC PH utilized the same platform to bring together experts in the sustainability and ESG spheres to give its members and other attendees a holistic approach to embracing this new frontier.

MPIC’s Chief Finance, Risk, and Sustainability Officer Chaye A. Cabal-Revilla, discussed the breadth and depth of ESG and why it matters, not only for compliance but also to create a pervasive and positive impact on the planet and the people who inhabit it. Cabal-Revilla also shared MPIC’s best practices as a leading catalyst for sustainability in the country.

In a recorded presentation, the Society for Technical Communication’s Associate Fellow Alisa Bonsignore imparted the five guiding principles of ESG Communications, which will serve as the baseline framework for communicating stories on the Triple ‘P’ – people, planet, and progress.

Moderated by Mr. Ramon Isberto, a panel discussion was conducted with IABC PH trustees Dave Devilles, Abigail Ho-Torres, and Deloitte’s Bonar Laureto to provide varied perspectives on the two talks.

“These awards are simply part of our contribution to underlining how integral ESG is to our ever- changing world. We at IABC PH intend to make it an overall immersion by also providing everyone with the chance to keep broadening their knowledge on the subject,” says IABC PH President Belle Tiongco.

The Triple ‘P’ Awards
Formally launched by IABC PH today, the Triple ‘P’ Awards (TPA) will be accepting entries later this year.

Formulated with Deloitte’s assistance, the award categories will cover specific topics under the three main pillars: environment, social, and governance. Guided by the ideology of turning information into action, it aims to highlight the role of communications in achieving responsive, accountable, and inclusive corporate sustainability.

“The purpose of Sustainability Communication is to build trust and the only way to do that is to be authentic. Being authentic requires real work internally – to define strategy, ambitions, roadmaps, targets, and most of all, to deliver results that are meaningful to the stakeholders,” says Laureto. “When talking about results, it is important to also confront head-on those areas where the company still struggle to address.”

IABC PH believes communications should sit at the heart of a company’s response to ESG. Companies should promote dialogues and strengthen communication channels, as broad brushstrokes are not enough to inspire action. TPA is the first ESG Award in the Philippines, recognizing the company’s performance and transparency on its material ESG issues and topics.

Through TPA, companies will have the opportunity to address the call for information, seize the opportunity to strengthen their reputation, and get recognized for their outstanding strategic direction.

IABC PH is the first IABC country chapter in Asia. It is an association of top business, industrial and organizational communicators and professionals that supports the highest professional standards and practice of exceptional quality and innovation in the organization and business communication.

In addition, it advocates for continued professional growth, learning, and communication excellence, linking Filipino practitioners with colleagues and practices worldwide.

The Philippine Quill and the Philippine CEO EXCEL Awards are two major communication excellence industry awards under IABC. Lastly, IABC is a member of the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management.

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