Chocolate maestro Amaury Guichon outdoes himself with new project

Chocolate master Amaury Guichon, owner of the acclaimed Pastry Academy, outdid himself again.

After coming up with chocolate creations that will pass for engineering marvels, he took on another project that required him to perfectly mimic an actual giraffe.

While the client did not require the size to be that of an actual giraffe, it was interesting to see how Chef Guichon was able to execute the project through setting, assembling and sculpting the likeness of the animal before capping off the project with edible airbrushing.

“With a height of 8.3ft and a weight of 160lbs, it took me 7 days and had me come up with some new techniques in order to achieve this final result,” he said.

To say that the final result was impressive would be an understatement.